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How to Sign Up

01 Dec 2022 18:19 - 01 Dec 2022 18:54 #1 by Geno
How to Sign Up was created by Geno
I'm putting this new post in here so I can put it in the new Mega Menu to make it easier for peeps to find, it will also be locked to replies.  

Due to all the spammers and other bad peeps the only way to register is to call me at the shop.  Sorry if it's a little more trouble for you guys but it can take hours every morning going through the mess that happens every day from spammers and the like.   

All we will need is your preferred user name, email (so the site can email you a verification link, and on new posts if you wish), and a temporary password.  Any of these things can also be changed by you as soon as your first logon.

If I'm out or on the phone you can still leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I get back in, or off of the phone... 

Contact info is here -
  Contact Page

Thanks for understanding.  

Welcome to the Stables!
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